Minimally Invasive Procedures

Fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery times.

Minimally Invasive Procedures (MIP) have revolutionized medical science and become one of the most rapidly growing areas of treatment in both human and animal healthcare.

The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) has been offering minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures such as liver and kidney biopsy since 2000.


Today, we offer numerous less painful options for companion animals to treat tracheal collapse, bladder stones and urinary obstructions, gall bladder disease and a variety of abdominal, lung and chest conditions.

OVC offers innovative treatments with better outcomes while training the next generation of surgical leaders.

Only very highly trained professionals can perform MIP procedures. At OVC specialists offer expertise in these advanced techniques and increased access to leading edge treatment for our referring veterinarians and their patients.

Services include:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Thoracoscopy/laparoscopy

  • Tracheal and urethral stents
  • Chemoemobolization
  • Lithotripsy
  • PDA occlusion
  • Balloon valvuloplasty
  • Pacemaker placement

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