Make a Referral

Please call the applicable clinic listed below to book an appointment for your client. Once the appointment has been scheduled, you may then complete the Referral Request Form. Fax all pertinent Medical Records, including lab tests and diagnostic imaging, along with the referral request to the applicable clinic. Please note: the referral request form should be faxed to the HSC no sooner than one week prior to the appointment. 

Additional forms for you to complete   /   Additional forms for your client to complete

Companion Animal Services

Phone: 519.823.8830 / Fax: 519.763.1276

Animal Cancer Services

Phone: 519.823.8830 / Fax: 519.837.8428

Large Animal Hospital

Phone: 519.823.8840 / Fax: 519.763.9544

Equine Sports Medicine & Reproduction Services

Phone: 519.823.8840 / Fax: 519.763.9544

Ruminant Field Services

Phone: 519.836.3510 / Fax: 519.763.9544

OVC Fitness & Rehabilitation (FAR) Services

Phone: 519.824.4120 ext. 53068 / Fax: 519.823.4469

Send email to FAR Services

FAR Rehabilitation Referral Form

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