Referring Veterinarians

The Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre (OVC HSC) is pleased to accept referrals for our companion animal, equine, domestic farm animal and non-traditional patients. Our goal is to meet the medical and surgical needs of our patients, and collaborate and communicate as effectively as possible with our colleagues who refer cases to us.

Referrals are the foundation for the continuous development of OVC and the HSC. We want to share our most current knowledge and resources with you, your clients and patients to ensure the highest quality care, at the OVC HSC and in your own facilities. Veterinarians who make professional patient referrals to us are our most important clients.

Just as you build your patient-client relationship through communications and follow-up care, the OVC HSC is committed to building a stronger relationship with you. When you refer a patient to the OVC HSC, we will provide you with timely information on the animal's status and a copy of the discharge instructions given to your client. Our goal is to communicate with you clearly, promptly and completely so that, as a team, we provide the care your clients expect.

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